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MAY 2013

Event Statistics

  • 179 exhibitors, authors, videographers and VIP travelers / feature vehicles
  • 85 classes, programs, films, demos
  • 110 presenters, instructors, and VIPs
  • 6000+ attendees from:29 U.S. states
  • 4 Canadian provinces
  • 18 countries
  • 5 continents

Event Highlights

  • We grew by 25% overall—attendees, exhibitors, staff.
  • Built an 80-foot pontoon bridge.
  • Expanded the driving course and advanced teaching area to nearly 10 acres, including an insidious mud bog and the world's hardest recovery pit.

What People Are Saying

From Sponsors:

"Thank you so very much for inviting us to be part of the EXPO. It was awesome. With your help we had a record  Trail Day and were able to build 1.2 miles with nearly 70 volunteers and Forest Service employees. Now we set our sights on National Trails Day, June 1st, usually about 250 head. My wife had so much fun at the Expo she wants to camp there next year.

~ Warren A. Williams, president, Coconino Trail Riders

From Attendees:

"Like Burning Man, the Baja 1000, and the invasion of Kuwait all put together—and no one is shooting at you! (Hopefully). Not to be missed."

~ Mark, Flagstaff

"I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I had an exceptional time at my first OX.  The only bad thing about the experience was that I began meeting so many people that I missed half the classes I had signed up for! I also spent way too much time with the dual-sport crowd. Mark let me try out a Ural. I had a great chat with Chris Scott and tried desperately to find a way to purchase and then return his Honda CR250F back to Spokane with me.  Alas, to no avail. Nicole, Rene, Lois, Austin, young Mr. Slavin, and the others were surprisingly chatty, down to earth, and ever so approachable. I even purchased Slavin's touring Mexico DVD with the idea of visiting my step-grandchildren next summer. One gentleman from New York offered to let me try out his Husky Terra 650; another, Al from Alexandria, VA, and I sat at the last night BBQ, smoked a cigar, and enjoyed a glass or two of Scotch together. Just amazing! Jonathan, it was also a pleasure to meet you there and shake your hand. The "cagers" were also a lot of fun. I am becoming more and more confined to four wheels. I found hordes of new friends of all ages who enjoyed and shared their experiences with me.  They even tolerated my long-winded diatribes in return. The opportunity to look over, and even try out, all the overlanding baubles was worth the price of admission alone. So, thanks for such a wonderful time."

~ Dale Avery

"Just a line to say many thanks for a fantastic event: well organised and friendly with an abundance of things to do. I will certainly recommend it to my fellow overlanders and anyone who loves this way of life." 

~ Mel Jordan

"Just wanted to thank you both for putting on the Expo. It was my first one—I am kind of new to overlanding—but I learned a ton and plan on returning, as long as I'm not in some far-flung place abroad sleeping in the back of a Land Cruiser next year (which is a distinct possibility).Jonathan, I found your talk on the ultimate vehicle toolkit particularly helpful and insightful. Now I just need to track some of those tools down and learn how to use them (ha!). Great show—inspiring, well-organized, and fun!  Thanks again."

~ Hunter Seger

"After three years of trying to get to Overland Expo I finally made it this year. I made the trip from Illinois and, though my wife and I did some other activities in Arizona this past week, I specifically came in for the show. I will tell you I had an absolute blast. I have been four wheeling since I was a teenager (80's), but have been quite limited in the opportunities to really get out and explore due to a less than desirable geographic location! You put on a great Expo, it was overwhelming to see all of the vehicles and products as well as the people who share my passion for the outdoors and exploring. I was the proverbial "kid in a candy store," my wife took the opportunity to slap me back into check while we walked about the show. It opened her eyes as well, she had no idea there were so many others out there like myself. She is now begging me to buy a Jeep. Thanx again for making my long trip so worth every penny, I will be back, and probably driving my own vehicle out so that I can participate in some of the outings and classes. Keep up the excellent work." 


"I just wanted to tell you that when I first signed up for this event, I was expecting it to be a very loosely (at best) organized.  I am dazzled by all that you have put together. The communications, website, Facebook pages, etc. are all really very well done.  I just wanted to let you know all your hard work is noticed and appreciated!" 

~ Cheryl M.


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Photo by Brett Willhelm, Willhelmn Visual Works

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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