Being born and raised around Land Rover series, Land Cruisers and Jeeps in the 70s and 80s in Costa Rica, Raul gained an early appreciation for off-roading. It was the perfect environment to start driving, utilizing these capable vehicles for farm chores and fun in a country where every drive was an off-road experience. As Raul would say, “learning from bad judgment and mistakes was the best training ever.” 


Raul was naturally drawn to the automotive industry and worked for Toyota and Land Rover in marketing and customer service in Central America. This was the perfect scenario for eventually meeting a lot of great names in the off-road expedition and overlanding world, from Camel Trophy to Baja Racing greats. It also meant Raul had the opportunity to work with and be trained by some of his heroes.


After being part of programs and training in over a dozen countries, from high altitudes to lowlands and Caribbean islands, Raul is currently an instructor at a company that provides high mobility off-road training for different branches of law enforcement and military, both in desert and jungle expedition driving, as well as civilian and all-levels of enthusiasts.


Coming from a horse-enthusiast family, when he is not training for the Overland Expo Vehicle Training Team, he likes to spend some of his mornings on the endless task that is horsemanship and riding.

Photo by Brett Willhelm


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